Charlie Baxters, is a range of independently owned and operated free houses in Ellerslie and on K Road in Auckland. Specializing in the finest of craft beers nz and surround has to offer.

We have a tap rotating system, which means there is always something new to try each week.

Located right smack in the middle of Ellerslie township and on K Road, you would be forgiven if you walked passed and missed the place. The stressed, worn outer paint work may look out of context, but once you pass through the doors the feel of the interior should transport you back to a cosy, homely cabin.

We have a grand selection of sprits, from your standard to the finer tastes, at Charlie Baxter’s we aim to please everyone, so if craft beer isn’t for you, we have plenty more options available.

Our food menu might be small, but don’t dismiss us for that. Our philosophy is to keep it simple. From the homemade seasoning on our fries to the crumb on our fried chicken and the hand made dough we use for our pizzas.

There is something for everyone at Charlies!


Specialty Beers

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Charlie Baxters Ellerslie


Charlie Baxters on K